The Challenge

Transform a service built on a convoluted technical model with a dated UI into an operationally embedded practice management system for dentists.

User Research and Planning

Discover opportunities for design that make an impact.

Outdated Interface

Understand the outdated Interface patterns.

The existing product was built on a technical model that forced usability and sales velocity to suffer. Customers constantly called for help and complained they could not use the service they purchased. When other businesses placed screen shots of the dated UI next to their vying products, customers had little difficulty choosing the competition over LH360.

Observe Customers and Internal Users

Observe customers and internal users.

We observed customers and internal teams, paying close attention to each touchpoint in the customer experience. This soon uncovered many opportunities for improvement in operational efficiency, marketing automation, as well as the dentist/patient experience itself.

Documentation and Presentation

Communicating the experience with customer journey maps.

We used customer journey maps, a technique introduced by Yodle UX leadership, to illustrate key touch points in the customer journey previously unknown to stakeholders and executives.

Wireframing and Visual Design

Frame the problem and work towards a solution.

LH Wireframe

Validate concepts and designs.

We wanted to design a system that dentists could not imagine operating without, instead of simply redesigning the interface. The team sketched concepts for an operationally embedded system, incorporating user and stakeholder feedback throughout each iteration. Rough concepts turned into wireframes and wireframes into prototypes, all while continuously validating the design through regular user testing.

LH Visual Design, shout out to Luke Buccio

Implement visually and technically.

Collaborating closely with visual designers and brand managers, we finalized the visual language of the new interface. We then worked tightly with engineers and product managers to implement the designs and rollout the product to eager clients excited for the new experience.

Successful Results

Delivering Award Winning Design

Redesigned with a Purpose

By incorporating research into the design, the project morphed from a simple UI update to designing a system that improves office efficiency for dentists. We created industry-specific tools that integrated with existing patient data, automated repetitive office tasks, as well as provided marketing and customer retention strategies.

Increased Show Rates for Dentists

After the initial release, we found a 70% increase in user engagement with the new tools. In addition, we have more than tripled our customer base from 2,000 in February 2013 to 7,500 in December 2014, while maintaining a 98% monthly retention rate.

Voted as Top Choice for Thousands of Dentists

In 2014, thousands of dentists voted LH360 as one of the top choices in dental software in Dentaltown Magazine, presenting us with the Townie Choice Award. LH360 was also recognized as Best of Class Technology by the Pride Institute.

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